Purchasing Support


We are sorry you are experiencing problems trying to purchase our app. The purchasing system is handled by Apple and there are rare cases where it doesn't work as expected.


In this event, please try the following steps:


1. Select the buy full version link from the main menu

2. Click the restore purchases option


Another more lengthy process that might be worth trying is:


1. Delete the app from your device

2. Go into the Settings app and tap "iTunes & App Store" in the left side bar

3. At the top of the iTunes & App Store settings, tap your iTunes account name and tap "Sign Out" from the pop up

4. Restart your device by powering off and powering back on

5. Go back to the iTunes & App Store settings

6. Sign in with your iTunes account and password

7. Re-download the Old MacDonald Sing&Play app.

8. Attempt the restore purchase option again in the app



If all of the above does not work, please contact us and include the following information so that we can try and replicate the issue:


Device model (eg, iPad 2, iPhone 5s)

iOS version


Kind regards,